Sunday, May 25, 2008

Night Out!

Clark and I went out this weekend to a local cafe that served one of our favorite foods...MEXICAN! We ate some burritos and homemade chips and salsa and drank some colas. We walked out only spending 15 bucks, which was cheap for western food! We then headed over to get some dessert which included some donuts! Clark has really enjoyed the cheap donuts here. They have unique flavors that I think the U.S should consider! We had a white chocolate cinnamon one! On our way back we went to some courtyard square where we watched tons of locals get on their black dancing shoes and line dance to American music. We also passed by a road that was lined with bicycles that had carriages attached. I think there was about 50 out there. You can even listen to music as you ride! Another exciting adventure we embarked on was visiting the Electronics mall they have here. Its one of the largest electronic malls here in Singapore. We bought a web cam so that we can see others back in the U.S! We discovered as we were walking around that they have Taco Bell here! mmm! We were sooo happy! We love seeing American franchises here! It gives us some comfort. Hope you enjoy the pics. We will try and do some MORE exciting things in the next couple of weeks!


Lizzy said...

Doughnuts? YES PLEASE!!

Thank goodness you have a Taco Bell -- please check it out and report back ASAP. I heart Taco Bell :)


BradandBrittney said...

I have never met you jenna, but Brad and I are good friends of Clarks. And can i just say...good job Clark you have a BEAUTIFUL wife!! You guys look so happy together... i just love it. I was just looking at Mary's blog and happened to stumble over yours. That is so awesome that you get to live in Singapore! What are you guys doing there...working? Anyway i think it is great.

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