Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trying to find Home away from Home

So it was Friday night and Clark and I wanted to get some food! We headed down to a trendy spot in downtown Singapore called Clarke Quay. There were tons of restaurants along the strip however we were sick of rice and spicy meat! So what did we come upon as we turned the corner...Hooters! Hooters was the only American restaurant we could find that had food we were used to! Let this be known that Clark and I would never go here back in the states but desperate times call for desperate measures! So Clark and I had our first experience with Hooters together and dove into some wings and fries! We will probably never go there again because they charge you for refills...and don't tell you!!! They try to up sale you on everything! After dinner we continued along and found a bar/grill called "Clinic" and saw that they really did try to match the decor with the experience! If you are sitting outside then they make you sit in wheelchairs and hospital chairs. They even hang your martini from an IV bag!! Crazy! We took some pictures so enjoy! So after we had our first Hooters experience we headed down another strip that is known as Boat Quay which was decorated in Chinese decorations. It was a very small strip compared to Clarke Quay and lasted for only a few hundred yards.

Today was our second time at church in Singapore. The ward is huge and has tons of kids. Clark and I are the 2nd youngest couple in the ward...hopefully we will get to work with the Youth!


The Dunns said...

How fun!! That clinic restaurant looks awesome!! You guys are sure going to have some fun experiences over the next year!!!

Filetti Family said...

Hooters huh? LOL That is too funny. I'm glad you have a big ward out there. So, are you going to be adding to the kids population there anytime soon? J/K

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that you two are sticking too your values and staying away from Hooters! Not because of the restaurant but because they charge for refills on drinks. I am sure you were both sharing the same drink and were in a hurry to get to the movies for the matinee price. What are some other tricks of the trade of being cheap? Taking pictures of restaurants that are cool but to expensive. I obviously did not glean as much knowledge as I should have when I had the chance! Well it looks like you are having fun...and I can see a big difference in the states since you have been gone. Well we miss you guys like crazy! Oh sorry I have missed your calls Clark I never know who is calling so I dont answer the call I will next time!

Lizzy said...

HOOTERS!!! hahahahaha!! Is it the same as it is in the States? Big boobs, little shorts?

I love all your pictures -- keep 'em coming!


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