Monday, May 5, 2008

Chad and Melanie's Wedding in Utah

Clark and I flew out to Salt Lake City, Utah this past weekend to attend his older brother's wedding! It was a beautiful day on Saturday and the temple grounds were blooming with flowers. Their reception was held in Provo at a Greenhouse which was a great idea! Flowers were everywhere! At the end of the night they ran under the sparklers we held up! They flew out on Sunday to enjoy their honeymoon in Hawaii!



Lizzy said...

Gorgeous pictures and you know I love a good farewell at a wedding with sparklers!! Those look like the same ones we used :)

How many more days before you leave for Singapore?

The Grays said...

We leave this Wednesday. We are in
Roswell right now and fly out of Atlanta!

Filetti Family said...

I LOVE tulips! Wow, Clark and his brother look so alike. They have the same smily. I miss Utah. I always try to drag Jared there but he would rather travel to so many other places. :(

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