Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Only in Singapore...

For those of you who do not know where I work, I am a Marketing Associate at 3 Degrees Asset Management. I really like my job and the location of the building. Here is my lovely building!

I have recently kept a list of the things I notice here in Singapore, take a look, I will update more later when I notice them!

-People where headphones here constantly
-Always playing with their cell phone
-Rude on the MRT train

-Sleep on the MRT train
-Always want to sit down on the MRT
-Even though the women have purses, they only carry their wallets to lunch
-No napkins, you carry your own set of tissues
-One person saves a seat while the other goes and gets something to eat...VERY annoying sometimes
-LOVE to shop
-Louis Vuitton and Guess purses

-Hawker courts
- Cheap Chicken and Rice but very tasty!
-Movie theatres only play a movie for 3 weeks
-Say "la" at the end of their sentences
-Work late hours
-Play handheld PlayStation's
-Love donuts
-Carry coffee in bags

-You can buy blocks of ice cream between sweet bread or wafers ( I LOVE the wafers, what a great treat that only cost $1 Singapore dollar!)

1 comment:

Danielle Harris said...

The coffee in a bag is the weirdest thing ever! I have never seen that. By the way, I think Clark is rubbing off on you...I love that you posted about ice cream and how much it costs! Just tell him I had blue bell the other day. :) I hope you are doing well and I'm glad you like your job!

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