Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Weekend in Vietnam

Clark and I had the opportunity to visit Vietnam over the weekend with two other friends of ours. We were all way excited and couldn't wait to get there. The plane ride was short and the taxi driver in Vietnam tried to rip us off. Needless to say, we paid the price we wanted and drove off in the crazy streets on Nam. People drive mopeds here and it looks like there is no driving system here but they all use honks as a way to communicate! I swear we almost hit 390 people before we got to our hotel.

The next day we took a tour to the Cu Chi Tunnels. These tunnels were used by the Vietnamese soldiers to hide from the French. The tunnels spread out for miles and were very cramped inside. The had everything from bedrooms,kitchens, and traps down in the tunnels. Our tour guide used to be in the US Navy, fighting along with us and not the Viet Congs.

The next place we hit went to after the tunnels was the lacquer factory. At the factory they make very beautiful art work from egg and seashells. They have a whole assembly line and each person does their part.

Later that day we were all longing for massages since they are sooo cheap here. We all ended up getting a deep tissue/ hot stone massage for 1hr and 15 mins! Not bad for $30!!! Clark and I got the VIP couples room. It was sooo nice! The next day we headed back and got pedicures...yes even the guys! If I ever go back to Vietnam I will def. hit up Q Salon and Spa. That night we headed to the market where we bought some souvenirs.

The next morning we went to the revolution museum and the war museum. Let me tell you...I have never seen so much Vietnam Propaganda. I mean there was a purpose for the Vietnam war and the US was not the only people at fault.
Later that night we headed to the trendy club in Vietnam, Apocalypse. The music was okay but the smoking made it unbearable!

Our last day was spent walking around Vietnam and eating all the great food. We ate at this Vietnamese place called Lemongrass! mmm YUMMY! I mean who wouldn't want a 3 course meal for $5!

All in all we had a great time in Vietnam. I am so happy that our friends invited us to go or else we probably never would have. I feel so fortunate to have what I have and live where I live. However, people can be happy where ever they are! I hope you enjoy the pictures! I tried not to write a lot but this blog is like my journal! If you want to see more pictures then go here.


The Dunns said...

I"m so jealous you get to go to all of these places. It seems like you are constantly having some totally cool adventures!!! I really do love reading about them, I learn a lot.

LisaPetrarcaBlog said...

Wow...what an amazing experience! I love your pictures. I am slowly learning (trial and error).

Filetti Family said...

Clark, what were you thinking? I can't believe you got a pedicure. LOL Jared is going to have a hay-day with that one.

What neat pictures. I love them all!

Clark said...

...Jenna wasn't too clear on this one. It was a pedicure-SPA, emphasis is on the latter. It was basically an hour foot massage with a little toe nail maintenance. Jared should give it a try, I think he would like it!

Danielle Harris said...

I'm too jealous to say much of anything nice, so instead I'll ask how you get all your cute backgrounds?I can't seem to figure that one out!

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