Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"We're leaving on a jet plane..."

This weekend Clark and I get to go back to the states to visit our families! We will be flying to Atlanta and then we head off to Chicago. The trip over to the states will ONLY take about 23 hours. We are so excited to come back and can't believe we get to go back for a few weeks! On our way back we get to spend some time in Korea before we head back to Singapore.
A few things we will definately do that we have missed/will do/enjoy:
1) McDonald's: we have them here but you can't just get enough no matter where ever you are
2) Chic-Fil-A: sorry...thats it for that fast food
3) Panda Express: Seems odd? American chinese is sooo different!
4) Gino's East: No deep dish pizza here.
5) Portilo's: There's no Italian Beef on this little island!
5) Wal Mart/Target: We have to stock up on US stuff to fill our suitcases
6) Mexican Food: I don't care which one just make sure they have chips & salsa!
7) Car: It has been 6 months of taking public trans. I love waiting for trains! (not)
8) Family: I put this in here so my parents won't ask me why I didn't include them.
9) Time: Being in the same time zone instead of living 12 hours in the future
10) Weather: I'll take Miami weather over this humidity
...more to come.
Pictures to follow when we return from yet another travel!!

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Cooksey said...

Ok...time to let you know I am the WORST commenter ever. I always check your blog from my phone but it's so hard to type comments on my phone. Bad excuses, I know. guys are such jet setters! Hot jet setters.

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