Thursday, September 4, 2008

Off to Malaysia...

Wow I am glad to be back! Clark and I had so much fun traveling to Malaysia this past weekend. To start off the trip, we left at 7 pm on Friday and took a bus to Malaysia for about 2 hours and then traveled on a boat for 4 hours until we reached the island of 5 in the morning.

To sum up the trip, we basically ate, scuba dived, ate, scuba dived, ate....then we did it all over again! The food was good and the fishies under water were pretty cool. We did see a baby shark before we hopped in the water! By the end of the trip Clark and I were officially scuba certified! We dived 5 times and went to 22 meters. Woo hoo!

We shared a little cabin that was on stilts and right on the ocean. You could even look through the floor and see the water! We had a BBQ night on Saturday which the local Malaysians cooked for us. The boat trip back was nice because we got to see all the random islands that we missed during the night time on our way there. We even saw fisherman huts in the middle of the ocean! Crazy!

Clark decided he wanted to taste the fruit called either hate it or love tell me if Clark liked it...notice the dry heaving over-board.

Well that was our trip! Short and sweet, but hey, when you live close to all these countries, the weekend is all you need! Our next trip will be in two weeks and guess where we are going .......HOME! We are so excited to take a break and go back to visit our families! Enjoy the pictures and if you want to see HERE!


Lizzy said...


megik said...

and you called your beehives spoiled! me thinks ur the spoiled one here. :D ur so lucky. me thinks u need to pay for me to fly to singapore and spend a week there. :D

luv ya!


Karina said...

Wow, how fun! How long have you been traveling? And what does Clark do again that lets you travel the world?!

Well you two look FAB in the pics!!

The Dunns said...

These pics are amazing!!!! lucky girl.

Filetti Family said...

How fun that you are now scuba certified!!! I like the pic under water. What a good shot. Did the shark scare you? That sounds pretty freaky.

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