Friday, January 16, 2009

A Pineapple dirty diaper!

Have you ever wondered what a diaper would taste like if you fed the baby a lot of pineapple? Well, if you haven't then you are missing out! Anyway, there is a fruit here in Singapore that the locals LOVE. It is called Durian and it STINKS. They actually won't let you carry it on public transportation because it is so poignant. Even if you buy it and bring it home, they will cut it up and double wrap it in plastic wrap to try to diminish some of the smell. When we first moved here, we went into a grocery market and I just thought the market had loads of moldy food because the whole place smelled rotten...turns out it is just the Durian and I have since gotten a bit more use to it.

Most Western people don't like durian but most Asians grow up loving it. Asians relate it to cheese. A lot of Asians don't like cheese and think it stinks. However, most Western people agree that cheese smells bad but love it anyway!

So, we hung out with the Mela (Sar-bear and Jer-bear) and Aussie-land (Laman and Naughty Kate) kids tonight. Jer-bear and Laman got the urge to try this hideous fruit at about 11 pm after dinner and dessert. So after 15 minutes of trying to flag down 2 taxis we were off to China town. We went into a little HDB community and found a local stall that sells this "King Fruit". Now, it's not a cheap fruit. They cost anywhere from $10 to $50 a piece depending on the quality. Jer-bear took charge and picked out a good durian, had the guy cut it and Jenna got her camera out. I had already tried Durian when we went scuba diving in Malaysia. I dry heaved 5 times over the boat and thought I was going to throw up a lung -- so ya, I didn't fancy it too much. Jer-Bear and Laman ate it like champs. They didn't mind it too much. Jenna had to try it because she hadn't done it yet. Below is the video of her eating it and not liking it too much. Since all 5 people tried it (even the pregnant Sar-bear) I decided to give it another shot.

I only dry heaved 4 times this time. Perhaps next time I'll only do it 3 times. Sorry for the videos being sideways. We couldn't edit it.

So ya...the title of the post is the exact description of what it taste like.

While we were in China town, they were getting ready for Chinese New Years so they have a lot of different items such as "wax duck" on the wall.


megik said...

YUCK!!! jenna you should send some to the YW saying its way good! lol that would be funny! i would love to see kelsey's reaction

Anonymous said...

it's kinda gross for westerners who are not used to the smell :-) it's the same as for asian when we taste blue cheese mayonnaise :-)

Joseph Alves said...

Does it taste anything like jackfruit? Ill find out tomorrow.

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