Thursday, January 15, 2009

WARNING: Department for Appropriate Behavior

Jenna and I have begun to truly enjoy Singapore. It is a great place and we love how you get gourmet meals for 2 bucks that are cooked in front of you and don't come out of the freezer. Often times when you mention Singapore, people think of the city-states conservative government that doens't allow its' people to do much. It doesn't bother us as we are a bit conservative ourselves. It's kinda funny...Singapore feels like a set of Utah parents are running the country: no sex, no drugs, no drinking, no smoking and no immoral behavior.

No drugs: they kill you if you caught with them.

No smoking/drinking: I say this because the tax the heck out of it.

No sex: They actually edit all the TV shows and movies in Singapore. They will edit anything that they don't like or feel is immoral.


No immoral behavior.

Recently, FX has come out with a few shows that the government didn't like too much. They decided to take out some ads againest it. The ad above is from a 2 PAGE AD they took out in the major paper to show their displeasure for the shows. I also saw this ad PASTED OVER banners for the TV ads at bus stops. I thougth it was quite funny. It doesn't really bother us cause the shows didn't look good anyway.


Emmie {orange + barrel} said...

Oh wow. I knew it was bad, just not that bad. It's not like they are censoring porn, they want to censor Mad Men?? That's on basic cable.

Censorship is a dangerous thing.

serenoli said...

Look carefully at the bottom left of the poster. It says 'Advertisement' :D

Those cable channels knew Singapore is the one of the only places where people might actually believe that a Dept of Appropriate Behaviour exists :p :p

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