Monday, February 23, 2009

Aussie land here we Come!

So Clark and I are really excited to head off to Perth, Australia this coming weekend! Neither of us have visited Australia so this will be yet another new adventure we get to do together! Some of our plans will include:

Scuba Diving at Rottnest Island
Seeing some Kangaroos and Koalas

Or maybe even go in a shark cage...Clark's idea...yeah I'm thinking NOT! I would seriously pee in my pants!

Like are you kidding me Clark??? This is a shark from South Australia...where we will are CRAZY. I think I will stick with the cute Koalas...ok?

Hopefully we won't die before we get back home. Have you ever been to Perth? I hear it is one of the quieter places of Australia but hey it wasn't expensive so we were okay with foregoing the visit to Sydney. If you have any suggestions on what to do please let us know! We leave Friday!


Skylar and Lauren said...

yeah I'm with u on the no shark cage fact after seeing that picture i dont know that i'll EVER go in the ocean again! have fun...its so amazing all of the traveling u guys have been able to do..what's clarks amazing job that lets u do all of this anyway???

Steven and Wendy OBryant said...

Buy TIMTAM cookies. They're delicious and you eat them with hot chocolate. Which you're going to need once you get back to freezing Chicago. There's a coffee place... Glorias or Julias something or other... they make timtam milkshakes which are also very good. No doubt Clark will want McDonalds down there, and similarly to Europe - they are really nice McCafe's errr I can't remember. Just that it was good. HAVE FUN! Don't get eaten by a shark while you're scuba diving.

The Ortons said...

I love your life. GO SHARK DIVING!!!!! that would be sweet. IT's going to be sweet!! Can't wait to see a post about it. Love you.

Rich and Shelly said...

Shut up!! I am so jealous of both of you and your amazing experiences! Swim with the sharks!!!! That would be incredible!

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