Sunday, February 1, 2009

A New Year, A New Trip- Bangkok, Thailand

For the Chinese New Year, which happens in January, Clark and I decided we would head to Bangkok for the long weekend! I must say we had tons of fun! We are able to leave in the afternoon, which is a change from our normal leave at 8pm at night trips, and we were even upgraded for free to Business Class-both times! woo hoo!
The first day we spent looking around Bangkok and going to the night markets they have. You can find everything from fake watches to fake Tiffany's! We even took the transportation called the Tuk Tuk everywhere! Just imagine a Scooby Doo car that is way small and has no doors! Each ride costs around 100 baht- $3 US dollars. Here is Clark right before we got in the Tuk Tuk.

Next we headed over to McDonald's to take a picture with good ole Ronald McDonald...only in Asia would you see something like this...!

The next day we headed to the Reclining Buddha. The Reclining Buddha is huge, plated in gold, and is obviously reclining. We were told to wear pants in the temple...which made it ten times more HOT!

Next we headed over the Grand Palace. There you will find a lot of miniature temples and tons of holy figures. The Emerald Buddha is located in one of the main temples and you are not aloud to take pics inside...oh well...but we got great pictures outside on the temple grounds. Also, we were not able to go inside the Grand Palace but again we took some pics outside!

The next day we booked a tour to go to the floating market where you see all the locals exchange foods such as fruits and veggies. However, they travel agencies don't like to tell you that you will be taking a few extra stops on the way to your we stopped at the Coconut and Orchad Farm. We saw how coconut sweet chips are made and we even got to scrap the coconut out of the shell...haha yeah I was cool.

We took a cool canoe speed boat to the market that had a V8 engine bolted on the back...which ended up being a longer ride than the market itself! The floating market was packed once we arrived and we waited in line for what seemed like eternity. The market is more touristy now but you were still able to get the point!

After the market we stopped at a wood carving facility. Clark and I really wanted to buy this chair but it was too much!

Then...we headed to the World War II cemetery. There were tons of graves and they were in a nice layout.

Right next to the World War II cemetery was the War Museum which was next to the Death Rail which is where the Japanese captured people and made them work to death...literally to build this railroad.

Our last tour of the week was a trip to ride elephants and see tigers at the Tiger Farm. Clark and I got to guide the elephants as well! The only part I didn't enjoy is when the elephants decided they were hot and sprayed water/snot on themselves which ended up on us as well! Yuck!

Sorry that the tigers look dead or drugged but they just ate and they were enjoying their nap!

We really enjoyed our trip to Bangkok and we especially enjoyed the cheap Thai massages every night! We booked a trip to Perth, Australia for the end of February so we are looking forward to that!


lynette said...

reading your blog makes me really want to travel while we are here! you guys go on the most amazing adventures. what travel agency do you use or do you always find your own tickets?

Mobmars said...

The tiger picures are crazy!!! That is so amazing that they sit there like that for you!

megik said...

you are way to spoiled! u just got back from tailand and have already booked a flight to australia! i bet your haveing loads of fun!!

clauss house said...

Oh my gosh, you guys get to do the most fun things of any couple I've ever seen!

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