Sunday, August 30, 2009

Berns Steakhouse

On Saturday Clark's parents arrived to stay with us for the weekend until they head to the more Southern part of Florida for a mini trip. Clark made reservations at the trendy steakhouse located downtown called Berns. I have to say that it was the coolest restaurant experience I have ever had! When we walked in I felt like I entered the Haunted Mansion at Disney! It was dim with old chandelier lights and old pictures of people.

The inside of Berns

We were seated in one of their many rooms. All entrees came with french onion soup, salad, baked potato, and veggies. It was nice that the meal came with all those sides and we didn't have to purchase them a la carte. We each enjoyed the 6 oz steak and couldn't even finish because we were almost full before the main course came.

The waiter then told us we could take a tour of the kitchen and wine cellar room. Man was it cool! I took a video (which later I was told I am not allowed to...) a few pictures of the working stations and the cellar. The wine cellar was HUGE and is the largest private collection in the world. The most expensive bottle is from 1851 and cost 10,000. The last time the sold one was when the Bucs won the Super Bowl.

The meat section

Sprouts they water by hand every day.

The Wine Cellar

The most expensive bottles are stored behind this locked door.

Next we headed to eat dessert upstairs. It was neat how they separated both eating areas and the ambiance was totally different. You walk up stairs and they seat you in your own little out clove with a phone you can use to dial the pianist to request a song to be played. We asked to be seated in the room with the piano, which I HIGHLY recommend, and we enjoyed some nice desserts and entertainment!

I highly recommend eating at Berns over Ruth Chris, although I have heard Ruth's steaks are better. I can't tell the difference. Its a great date night place and you can eat there for a reasonable price! We will definitely go back!


Lisa said...

Wow!!! Looks like so much fun!

Emmie {orange + barrel} said...

That looks so yummy!!

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