Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Big Announcement!

Well we thought after being married for 3 years that it was about time. I know what you are all thinking...No I am NOT pregnant! We, well Clark would say just me, decided to get a puppy! The rules were that it could not shed, it had to be cute, and it had to be small. Therefore the only dog would be a mini poodle! We got him last Friday night in Tampa for a great price and he has been a pretty good dog so far. Only a few accidents on the floors (good thing its wood!) and a few yelps because he hates being alone. I swear this is getting us ready for a kid though. Good thing I work from home so he can get a lot of attention. He goes potty every three hours, you have to throw the ball across the room when he starts nipping your toes, and you have to make sure he doesn't get into anything or nibble at stuff he isn't supposed to put in his mouth. The first night was rough, he stayed by our bed in a homemade box made by Clark. He was yelping and whining all night but who wouldn't- he was separated from his momma and brother and had noooo idea who we were or where he was :( After the first night he basically stopped crying because he knew we were not going to let him out of the cage (thanks Craig!) So by the second night he was in the kitchen and Clark and I could get some sleep! I still haven't stopped using my ear plugs because I like the no noise!
I love the little squirt to death and he is so fun to play with. We haven't named him yet but we are open to suggestions! The obvious choices that came from Clark were Dallas, Cowboy, and Mayor McCheese. Sheri, our neighbor, came up with Big-Mac which I thought was cute!

One of his many ways of sleeping...

Sleeping under my chair. What a little lover!


Emmie {orange + barrel} said...

Yay!! Congrats!!! I totally thought you were preggers when I read the title on my google reader!

JennyLeighP said...

How cute is he! I love the little fur ball!

Bree Moyle said...

How exciting! I love puppies, they are so much fun. He is super cute! You'll have to keep taking pictures and write about all the funny stuff I'm sure he'll do!

Sarah, Jeremy, and Crew said...

OH my!!! I am so excited i am jumping in my chair!!! He looks like he could be Daisy's little brother! How old is he??? You have to skype me tomorrow so we can chat. If you have any questions about getting him to stop biting let me know. :) Can't wait to chat.

Silvs said...

oh man. i totally thought you guys were preggers.

you know a puppy is a pre-cursor to babies. watch out. : )

congrats. he is pretty cute.

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