Monday, August 24, 2009

Rootin' Tootin' Target Shootin'

On Saturday, the Elders Quorum decided to have a Gun Shooting Target Practice for those who wanted to try it out! I must say it was pretty fun minus the hot weather. We headed over to Bro. Lloyds farm where we started to set up the targets and load the guns.

The target Osama!
All the boys really enjoyed shooting the guns they brought and us girls decided we would join in on the fun.
Danielle's first time holding a gun and shooting one! Way to go! She looked much to cute in these. :)
Our neighbor Craig
Clark just shot the gun...that is why it looks like he is trying to shoot birds!
Chris and Clark shooting.
What am I supposed to do? Pull the trigger? Ohhh...
We had a boy and girl shooting contest to see who could get closest to the target! Man look at this gun!
I came in 2nd!
Clark taking his turn at the shooting contest. Yea, I beat him pretty bad. He didn't even make it on the chart :)

The "bad" boys

Clark and I haven't gone shooting since our days back at BYU Idaho so we had tons of fun doing it with friends all over again!


Eric, Jennifer & Sophie said...

I remember those days!


Way to go Jenna! You looked pretty sexy holding that big gun! :) wow that gun is seriously scary. I would be afraid to shoot it.

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