Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chair Debut!

Today I got my Target chair and quickly put it together! I LOVE it! All it needs is a nice pillow. I think it looks really nice with the room and compliments its well. Hope you like it! :)

I also thought I would be creative and make some framed art that went along with the chair pattern. I found these scrapbooking pages at Walmart as well as these frames ($.25-$1.oo) and wala! So now when you are looking at the chair you see the art on the wall behind it. :)


Skylar and Lauren said...

yep-i LOVE it!! sooo cute!

K :) said...

The perfect fit Jenna! Looks great! :)

Chad and Melanie Gray said...

That looks adorable! You have such great taste!

Erin said...

so cute! I saw that chair at target today! i just love it!

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