Thursday, October 1, 2009

I can smell FALL

Well lets just say us Floridians don't really get to enjoy much of the seasons as its so freakin hot all the time, but I swear this week I could smell Fall! Yesterday and today was expected to have a "cold" front so instead of it being 95 its 85. Its actually perfect weather to get tan in because you wont sweat but you will have the sun beating down on you. Oh these are the times I wish I still lived in day.
By the way, I think the last snow fall they had around here was in like 1980 somethin...I probably wasn't even born yet.

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JKGROSS said...

Hey Clark & Jenna! I just wanted to say hey and tell you that I was going to add yall to our blog list, so that we can keep in touch. We won't be too far from yall, we are moving to SC this week!

-James & Kristen Gross

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