Thursday, November 4, 2010

12.5 weeks- Gray Babies

Today I am 12.5 weeks pregnant and my belly has grown just a little bit more! It makes me so happy because it means they are growing! I am still eating just about the same...small servings...but I tend to eat every two hours so I know the babies are getting some nutrients! Its quite funny but my husband just laughs at me because on my night stand I have what he calls a "convenient store!" I wake up just about every night and go to the bathroom and then my stomach says...oh wait before you go back to bed you need to eat something! It stinks because then I can't get back to sleep for about an hour. I remember the first night I ate in was around 2am and I was starving and not feeling good so I was hoping I had something in my purse upstairs. I remembered I had pretzels so I started munching on them quite softly and Clark turned to me and said "are you EATING?" Hahahahaha we both just laughed because it was quite hilarious. Since then, he has gotten used to it.

Does anyone have any suggestions to fight hunger through the night? I guess I could eat a little more right before I go to bed. I probably should stop drinking water right before bed...that would help. Overall I am feeling good and am patiently waiting until next week when we have our 13.5 week appointment! Also, I just noticed, if you click on the numbers on my baby ticker, it will change and show you how many days I have left, how many weeks I am, and how many days it has been! Pretty cool!


Emily S. said...

I am so excited for you! If I were you, I'd try eating something with high protein right before you go to bed - it'll stick with you longer. If that doesn't work - try oatmeal. haha. Hope it gets better.

Tmeyers said...

what emily said about protein is the best advice- and DON'T limit your water intake, instead, don"t drink anything with your evening meal, it keeps you fuller longer. Hope that is helpful.

Jen said...

I forgot about it until I read your post.. but when I was pregnant I would wake up in the middle of the night and crave bread. Just plain bread. No jam, no honey, not toasted. So I would put a slice in a bag and keep it on my nightstand.

I'm not necessarily recommending this.. I just had to share :) Pregnancy makes you do wierd things. I hope you find something that helps!

Chelsey said...

One night I woke up and ate cold pizza and watched the sun rise with our dog.. that only happened once and I hate cold pizza. But anyway, the waking up to pee thing doesn't go away, so embrace that. I got at 2 and 6 every night. It only gets worse! I used to only get up once. Unless you're accustomed to sleeping only on your left side you'll welcome the excuse to walk around and move your hips. Pregnancy is wonderful and awful.
I can't imagine carrying twins! I didn't start showing until I was 19 weeks! Now I feel like I double in size weekly. Your little bump looks so cute.
I agree on the protein, or try fiber one cereal before you go to bed. It's super filling and SO good for you! It's a good source of folic acid which helps with the brain development and to protect the babies from spina bifida, and fiber which will help protect you from getting hemorrhoids! It's also a pretty good source of protein.

Sara said...

The frequent urination thing went away from me, then maybe you could sleep through the night. But who knows, you will have two little angels bouncing on your bladder hahaha. love you.

cheryl said...

I'd do the same as others mention--have a high protein snack right before bed. My favorite is a pint of Ben and Jerry's. :) You look beautiful!

Mike & Rachel Barton said...

Cute belly! :)

Skylar and Lauren said...

i love it!!! too funny! ummm...yeah i'd try having a snack before bed...and good luck with the water thing- i read stuff that said to stop drinking after 7 but that didn't seem to keep me from my nightly bathroom trips! good luck girly!

Silvs said...

Omg!!! I've been so busy with midterms I didn't know!! You're preggers!?!?"
And what's all this talk about babiesssss? As in the plural? There's more than one growing in there? You're not turning into the octomom are you?

Dude that is so awesome. Congrats. Tell Clark I said way to go. : )

P.s. did you know Stuart is getting hitched?

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