Wednesday, November 24, 2010

15.5 Weeks

We're getting up there! I have almost hit my half way point! Lets hope I make it to 37+ weeks! I feel great and I have for the last few weeks. I still don;t have any cravings but I do LOVE eating fruit. I can still only eat half of my meals but eat again 2 hrs later. I don't think I have felt the babies move yet but who knows...hopefully in the next few weeks I will be able to. Clark and I go in next Thursday to our perinatologist(specializes in multiples and high risk pregnancies). We hope to be able to find out the genders of both babies that day! We have names we like but we haven't really discussed names much as we would rather wait and find out and then discuss. Feels kinda pointless to us. I am not quite sure how I want to find out the I want the tech to put it in an envelope and then we wait to open it with everyone, do we find out right then? I want to do something creative but I feel like I have no brain power some days. I do find myself forgetting the easiest words known to man. Oh brother. I am sure this won't go away anytime soon.  I can still fit in my regular clothes which is great! Looks like I will need a some type of bella band to hold up my pants soon...any suggestions? We look forward to meeting our little babies!


Skylar and Lauren said...

I had friends that loved the off brand version of the bella band (you can get them at target for about $15) but the pressure on my stomach made me if tight fitting things don't make u queasy it's an awesome deal! good luck! (old navy was the best priced maternity jeans i found too :)

Kate and Lehi! said...

Yay! Glad to see your bump growing nicely! Good luck with the scans - I hope your babies are cooperative and not shy ;o)

I couldn't find a bellaband in Sg, so ended up investing in a maternity skirt, black pants and jeans once I hit 20ish weeks which have built in adjustable elastic waistbands so they can last throughout your pregnancy.

Sarah R gave me a great suggestion too which is that if you have pants with buttons, you can just use a hair tie and thread it around the button, through the button hole and back to the button to get a bit more room! It won't get you to 40 weeks, but will buy you some time!

Michelle Juhl said...

You are looking so beautiful and the twins are looking very healthy and strong. Did you and Clark have a nice Thanksgiving. I told everyone that I was thankful for having you in my life. God has blessed me.

mican said...

You're looking great!!! Love the baby belly! I tried the band but I found that using a rubber band or hair tie worked best until I caved in and got maternity jeans.In case you don't know this just loop the hair tie around your button and through the hole then back over the button.(I actually still do this trick on a couple pairs of my pants b/c I still have a few more baby lbs to work off)
Hope everything is going well! Excited to find out the sexes!

Tony Castillo said...

Jenna You look amazing. I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving. Thank you for blessing my life.

Sara said...

When I read PERINATOLOGIST I knew exactly what that was. I loved mine so much Drew's middle name is Draper, after Dr. Draper. hhhhhhahaha. So glad to hear that there is one of each. I think about you each and everyday. So so sooo excited for you all. Can't wait to hear some possible names! Love you. ( has good maternity clothes)

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