Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guess who's 3 months!

Wow, time sure does fly! We love these kiddos!

Their 3 month check up went well minus them having to get their shots and blood taken :( They are growing on target and hitting all the milestones they need to so far.

Beckham is such a little lover. He is a mommas boy for sure. He continues to smile at people and has started to babble a bit. The other day I put him down to take a nap and I heard a little giggle. Beckham was looking up at the the mobile mirror above his head and giggling. It was pretty cute. Beckham loves bath time and kicks his legs over and over. He tends to get mama wet! He also love it when he gets his diaper changed. I mean who wouldn't like a fresh diaper on their tush? I just love him so much. He brings so much joy to our family.

Beckham's 3 month stats:

16.5 lbs
24.75 inches long
95% in weight and 75% in height

Brooklyn is such a little cutie. I love this little girl. She eats her hand and sucks in her top lip when she is hungry. It is prettttty funny! She is more of a drooler and talks to you a little more. She loves talking to people and will smile real big! The best part of my day with her is when I go in to get her from her naps and she knows you are going to pick her up and feed her so she smiles REALLY big! I love it! Brooklyn also likes bath time and getting her diaper changed.

Brooklyn's 3 month stats:

10.5 lbs
22.75 inches long
25% in weight and 21% in height

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