Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just Hanging Out

My sister in law Kristin gave me these onsies at my baby shower! I'm glad I can use them now!

I love that Brooklyn is starting to coo and smile! It melts my heart!

I interrupted Beckham and his staring time at the ceiling fan to grab a picture. He LOVES looking at the blades go round and round! He will just smile and smile and coo! I love it!


Lindsay R said...

awww the twins are so cute! They have their own little looks. too cute. and i love the "thing1/2" onesies! Nice job Kristin.

Skylar and Lauren said...

oh I LOVE the chubbs on that little man and the eyes on ur sweet little lady! so adorable and by the way u look fabulous! do tell ur secrets! hehe! =)

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