Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Visit to Douglas, GA

This week we had the opportunity to visit my family in Georgia! This is the first time my mom's side have seen the babies! It was really important for us to visit sooner than later because of my grandma's condition. Her cancer has come back and we wanted her to have the opportunity to see her new great grandchildren :)

Here is a four generation shot.

A few cousins wanting to hold the babies they have heard and seen pictures of for so long!

Us enjoying our furniture we have stored at my parent's house.

Pictures of the babies!

My cousin Lydia is having a baby boy in August. We had a shower for her at my mom's house. Little Asher will def. be spoiled! :)

Even though the drive is pretty long (7hours) I can't wait to come back!


mican said...

So fun introducing the babies to the families! Wow... you definitely have a little Clark and Little Jenna! So cute!

Kristen G. said...

So sad we aren't closer to your family in Georgia, would have loved to see y'all! the babies are so cute! Keep in touch!

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