Sunday, June 1, 2008

Singapore Botanic Garden

Yesterday Clark and I ventured out to Singapore's Botanic Garden! There are over 600,000 species of plants there. We were able to see tons of cool looking trees from all around Asia. They even had some trees named after famous people. It had rained earlier that day before we arrived at the garden and it ended up raining right when we were leaving! Clark and I enjoyed walking around together....

...(This is Clark, I thought I would actually contribute to the blog thing so I can call myself trendy.)

Basically, Jenna wanted to go see some flowers and I, well, I just wanted to go eat out. So, the perfect plan was to take Jenna to look at some flowers, get all sweaty then get rained on so then I could pick somewhere to eat. We went out to the Food Republic which is like a big food court in a mall with all the best restaurants of Singapore. That is a big difference from the U.S. where we typically do not plan to eat at a food court in the mall (except if your Mom is Vicki Gray which mine is). The food was phenomenal and you guess it...reasonably priced, just the way I like it. the only problem with eating at the mall is, for some reason, Jenna always HAS to shop. I will need to devise a plan to where we can get there and then exit without having to shop around for 2 hours.


The Dunns said...

That place looks beautiful!! I bet the flowers were even more gorgeous in person!!

Tara said...

How cute are you guys? and what a fun life you lead! Glad you stopped by-I'll check yours now too!

p.s. sorry we stole the Heningers but we LOVE having them near!

Sarah said...

Hey...I've been to that garden. I even picked up a gold plated orchid on a necklace that I still have. I hope that you have a ton of fun there and make great memories. What an awesome opportunity. FYI...our house still hasn't sold, but someone is supposed to move in next week.

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