Thursday, June 12, 2008


Yesterday we headed to Chinatown!!! We walked out of the MRT station and there were tons of souvenir shops along with foot reflexology massage parlors. Clark and I will have to come back here and get some treats for people before we leave to go home! After the shops, we headed to a Hindu temple called " Sri Mariamman". We took off our shoes ( we both had flip flops on so we didn't care to leave our shoes outside, refer to my other post ) and headed inside where we looked around at the neat statues and listened to worship music.

Finally, it was time to EAT and Smith Street was our destination! Clark tried an Austrian hot dog and I tried a BBQ Pork Bun. The BBQ was in a white roll that looked like uncooked dough...I will show you a picture.
Since the bun wasn't that great we ordered noodles and chicken kabobs. Yes, we are very adventurous when it comes to food....not. After eating we walked around some more and looked at all the gadgets they had laying around in the shops. We came upon thousands of chopsticks and huge paintbrushes...literally I mean HUGE. The night was getting late so we headed on back to the MRT. Oh yeah, we got a slushee from 7 Eleven and it was Pineapple Grape...yet it was blue...pretty tasty though! Enjoy the pics! Tonight we will be going to a place called Botak Jones where they serve AMERICAN food! Woo Hoo! We will let you know how American it tastes....


The Dunns said...

You are sure going to some totally cool places. Everywhere you go looks so colorful!! Well, I hope you can find some good American food.

Lisa said...

You guys sure seem to be enjoying your life. :) And Paul thought WE were being exciting by moving to Utah! :)

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