Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And they...WON!

This past weekend Clark and I headed to Malaysia to attend Clark's flag football game!5 teams from around Asia attended this tournament. We were the only team from Singapore. Can you say I am a dedicated wife...I woke up at 6:30am, got ready in 15 mins, at breakfast in 1o mins, watched football from 8am-11:30pm in the hot sun! I guess it was all worth it because in the end Clark's team, the Green Devils, WON!!! 6-0! I won't make you bored with all the details but lets just say the game was intense, people got hurt, and I even got yelled at! haha! I'll be posting some pictures of the tournament one by one eventually (there are tons).

The next day we headed to the city to see the "Twin Towers" at KLCC. These towers were beautiful and HUGE! These towers are famous because they once were the world's tallest buildings until a few years ago. They have been in a lot of movies such as Entrapment.

Next we headed to the Batu Cave. The cave is unique because there is a hindu temple inside. However, to get to the cave you have to climb 272 stairs (yes they are even numbered) and get side tracked by all the wild monkeys crawling everywhere! CRAZY! Clark and I even fed the monkeys! I guess you can say they are some what domesticated because they are around people all the time.

LASTLY...I can't forget to post about this...we got to eat WENDYS and CHILI'S!!! AHHH! Clark and I were soooo stoked to see there was a Chili's in Malaysia! We went crazy on the unlimited chips and salsa!

Our trip finally came to an end when we left on the bus to head back to Singapore. The buses were pretty cool too! I def. recommend a trip to KL, Malaysia if you are ever around this area.

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Sarah said...

Hey, I've been to those caves. We had fried mango slices and coconut milk straight from the coconut. One was definately better than the other.

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