Wednesday, November 5, 2008

oh America...

This is Jenna by the way...Well we all witnessed the election yesterday...I must say I am rather disappointed in America's choice. Yes, I believe Obama will do some change to America but I don't believe it will be enough. He is just another liberal making promises that in the end I think will make America suffer more.

I totally agree with what my friend said on her blog: "I think part of it is I've always been one to look beyond race, so while everyone says 1st black president, I keep thinking 44th president. I think too many times people get defined by their race as opposed to what they've accomplished and I guess it bothers me that I know a lot of people who did vote for Obama just because he's black and not because of their similar opinions on policy." Don't get me wrong! I love black people...I just think more voted for him because of his color.

Another opinion I have is I really hope that the House and Senate don't fall under that control of the Democrats! The White House, Senate, and House all Dems would not be good for our country. There should be at least some kind of balance.

I think next time McCain should run a better campaign...if he runs again, which to be honest I hope he doesn't. He shouldn't choose a girl to boost votes. Palin didn't know what she was doing. She was made a joke from the very beginning. Don't get me wrong...I really liked her voice and hair but I don't think being VP would have been the best job for her. I think if McCain would have picked Romney or maybe even someone else, the Rep. would have had a better shot.

OH! And one last thing! I am SOOO happy that Prop. 8 passed. America needs to focus on families that are run by a man and a women. We call this a marriage...and if you want to complain about it go start a blog about Unions. God made man and women for pro-creating. This can't "really" happen the other way around. Yes, two people of the same sex can run a family fine I am just shouldn't be that way.

I've seen a lot of blogs that post about these topics and would appreciate if you would let me have my thoughts...because we all know we have the freedom of speech right...?? If you want to complain about my comments then blog about your own thoughts! I really don't wish to read bashing comments! I'll probably end up deleting them so don't waste your time! Thanks :)

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