Thursday, June 4, 2009


to the next room! haha. Clark and I have almost finished the first room but now that we are at the wall we have to make a straight line across the middle room and start in that room...don't ask...just the way you have to do it. Yes, I am proud to announce that I did all four rows by myself and they are straight! Clark took on the job of doing the pieces that go against the wall (he had to make so many angle cuts!). I thought putting in hardwood floors ourselves wood be very stupid but its not that hard, just time consuming. So I guess we will take a break from the floors until next week because tomorrow we head off to Chicago until Monday! Clark's brother is graduating H.S. and it'll be a huge family 20+ in one house :). All the hard work finally caught up to Clark and he called in sick today. I think he is just plan exhausted. Its the busy month at work...enough said. So while I work at home, he will be cleaning the house...I hope ;) Great...its raining AGAIN. I better go check the Chicago weather for the weekend!

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K :) said...

It's looking beautiful! You guys are doing a great job.
Have a great trip to Chicago:)

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