Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dinner Singaporean Style

Clark and I used to live in downtown I mean downtown ghetto-ness. So while driving around we were able to see pretty ghetto shops. Anyway, Clark had a colleague at work tell him about a place in downtown that sells some of the Singaporean food we ate. Funny thing is the store Clark went to was the most ghetto store we first saw while in Tampa. He brought home some Korean BBQ sauce along with pork dumplings and even lychees for an appetizer! It was pretty cool to eat some of the food we left behind. So whenever we need a little Singapore fix that is where we will go! They even sell DURIAN! The best part of the night was when I had a little accident...yes you will have to watch the video below to see what I am talking about....thanks Clarkie! So tomorrow is yet another day and we will be guessed it...laying down wood floors! We got the first room and 1/4 of the next room down tonight! Then later on in the evening we will head to Clark's boss' home to have a little BBQ! Thanks Danielle for the appetizer suggestion!


Silvs said...

well done clarkie.

jenna, you have to remember to chew before you swallow....

Castaldi said...

Wait. Did he really give you the Heimlich? lol.

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