Saturday, September 19, 2009

Beach Day Bums

Today Clark so generously took me to Anna Maria beach to relax for awhile. This was after we ate at Millers Dutch Kitchen in St. Pete. This is an Amish restaurant that was featured on Man vs. Food, so we had to try it. I enjoyed the turkey sandwich and potato soup while Clark chowed down the chicken & dumplings with mash.

The water was AMAZING and I think I could have stayed all day. I love how we can still go to the beach in September! These are some of the good perks of living in Florida!

Of course I'm enjoying my new book that came yesterday!


Skylar and Lauren said...

oh I'm sooo jealous! That beach looks gorgeous, and oh to be able to sit on it and not have to run around after a little person! enjoy that for me, will u?!?! What book did u get-I'm always looking for a good read!

The Grays said...

you should move to florida lauren!

I just bought the new Dan Brown book The Lost Symbol! Its good so far! You can buy it at Target.

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