Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh Singapore

Deep down inside Clark and I still miss good ole Singapore and wish we could live there again. Oh the fun we had and the people we met...I do not think I would ever want to live there permanently but for a month or so would be fine.

I'm not quite sure if I ever posted pictures of our apartment maybe because we didn't want you to feel bad for us :) hehe anyway here was our home away from home...never would I live there again because its too small but it was good for us at the time.

Yes, this was our 400 sq. foot apartment we lived in. For the price we paid this is what you can get, but if you want to live in a bigger place you hand out the big dough. Clark and I decided we would live here and save our money so we could travel each month which we did.

Behind our apartment was a park and Clark and I enjoyed walking and running there every once in awhile.


Kate and Lehi! said...

ah, we miss you guys too! so exciting that you might get to come back soon - you HAVE to bring Clark - there's no question about it!
I can't believe we never went to your apartment! I looks cozy!

Skylar and Lauren said...

nope-don't feel bad for u...I'm still jealous of the entire world that u have seen! it's beautiful! yay for u!

lynette said...

jenna-i had no idea! i thought our apt was small, but you have us beat!

btw, to answer your question, i use photoshop elements for editing pictures, but i just bought full blown photoshop--we'll see how that goes!

we miss you guys!

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