Monday, November 9, 2009

Beau Rivage Week

Clark has been so busy traveling these past few weeks. He was always gone from Sunday- Wednesday just about every week! This time Clark decided to bring me with him to Biloxi, MS. We planned ahead and decided to fly into New Orleans to visit the French Quarter, Bourbon Street, and such the day before, since neither of us have been before. We then drove an hour to Biloxi to stay at our hotel- Beau Rivage. Its a really nice hotel and there are tons of stores and slot machines to keep anyone occupied. I'm doing work while he is at his convention meetings downstairs. I know Biloxi isn't like Florida (its been 90's all month) but I thought I might be able to swim a bit or something but no...Hurricane Ida had to make her appearance and ruin my chances of getting any sun.

Its overcast and rainy and right now the wind is blowing so hard its rattling the windows and making them bow inwards...great. Also it doesn't help when they charge you $15 to use their workout facilites and $70 for a pedi.

At least I get to spend the week with the hubby! :) More pics of our week when we return home!

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