Thursday, November 19, 2009

CROCS deal!

So I found out that the Crocs is having a sale on Primas which are really cute flats. They are on sale for $9.99!!!! I've always wanted these but they were too expensive for my taste ($25-$30), but now I don't feel so guilty getting them! Go to there twitter page and get the code (TWEETPRIMA) and use it at checkout! Hurry because the only colors really available are brown (which I love and got) and like purple, black, blue, and red unless you wear a size 9 then you'll be okay. Shipping is $2.99 and there are no taxes! They also have some football team Crocs for $9.99 as well so I went ahead and got the Dallas Cowboys ones for Clark! He is super excited! ENJOY!


The Ortons said...

Sweet Jenna. You always have good dealsssss. I love it. Love you guys!

Tmeyers said...

now you can wear them with your new dress!

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