Monday, November 16, 2009

New Orleans Week

Last week Clark and I headed to New Orleans for the day before we had to be in Biloxi for Clark's work conference. I thought it was great that I got to travel with him this time! Our first stop was the famous Cafe de Mode where we sipped some hot chocolate and ate french doughnuts called beignets.

Yeah this was before I got powdered sugar all over myself!
There were MANY artists and musicians that kept us thoroughly entertained.

The famous Bourbon Street.

We visited the most haunted cemetery in the US (supposedly) called Cemetery One. The grave that Clark is standing by is Ms. Marie L. who practiced Voodoo. You are supposed to leave a small gift by her grave so she will leave you alone.

Maybe I can go on work trips with Clark more often?

1 comment:

Cooksey said...

That cemetary is SO SCARY! Good thing you didn't go at night.

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