Thursday, November 5, 2009


So there is a contest going on at Sensibly Styled right now. Anyone who wanted to was allowed to send in an outfit to be voted on. You could use any clothing sites you wanted to make a whole ensemble! We were supposed to include a pair of Down East Jeans as well as other modest clothing that was simple, elegant and affordable. I must say all the outfits that people created are really good! The winning outfit chosen will receive a free pair of Down East Jeans. My outfit is posted and its #11. VOTE FOR ME :) Go Here to vote! Voting ends Monday Nov. 9th at 7am! THANKS!


K :) said...

Cute outfit Jenna, you got my vote:))

clauss house said...

Definitely mine too! Where is that shirt from, it's really cute!

Danielle Harris said...

I voted for you! You're way ahead!!! Good Luck

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