Wednesday, March 2, 2011

29 weeks

I've started going to the perinatologist every week now and that means more pictures to share! At my last appointment, which was yesterday, the babies were looking great! Baby Boy is still upside down and snugged way down there while Baby Girl is still breech! This time around the babies were both kicking each other and it was fun to watch on the screen while it was happening. They will check the babies weights next week. Baby Boy was learning how to breath in the womb as his stomach was going up and down. We couldn't see Baby Girl doing it this time but we did see her open and close her eyes a lot! I then got strapped to the fetal monitor where they said the babies heart beats were great and that I was was having NO contractions! Sweet! I hope it stays that way! Every week these babies get so much more active, I can't believe it. Half the time their limbs are sticking out and moving across my stomach. Sleeping has become a little more uncomfortable but I think I can last 8 more weeks until I hit 37 weeks. The perinatologist said let's try and get to the next big mile stone...34 weeks!

Here is our girl!

Doesn't it look like she is blowing a bubble? Also, the last picture is a frontal view! Kinda scary!

Here are some GREAT shots of our boy. This time he decided to cooperate! He is so cute!

Can't wait to meet these little ones. On a side note, my mom and dad are coming down this weekend! Yay!


Danielle Harris said...

They are so cute! How fun! I can't wait for your shower this weekend.

Ryan Hile said...

Congrats Jenna-they look great!!!

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