Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby Shower

Oh I can't say enough about this past weekend! It was a BLAST! I had my baby shower on Saturday and my family was able to come into town! They have not visited the Boca area before so it was nice to have them here! My mom should be back in a few weeks once these babies are born though.

My sweet sister in law, Kristin, hosted my baby shower and she did an AMAZING job. She is really talented and has so many fun ideas. The theme for the shower was "Thing 1, Thing 2" from Dr. Seuss. The colors were red and white with some hint of blue. It wasn't too whimsical which was nice. Everyone loved the invitation, food and creative decorations Kristin made!

I received some great gifts and everyone was very generous considering we are having two babies. It was crazy to think that it was my turn to have a shower this time! I still need quite a few things I registered for so off to the store I go this week and next.

My in laws were great! They had everything under control and I seriously didn't have to do anything but show up (well walk down the stairs since it was at the house I am at!) They are the best! My friend Danielle from  Tampa even drove down to see me! How sweet of her!

Aren't these food accessories awesome!
The Seuss juice was a huge hit too!


Shopkins said...

Jenna you are adorable!!! What a great baby shower! The decorations are awesome! :) Hope you are doing good, you look great! Only a couple weeks! :)

JKGROSS said...

You look great! Looks like Kristin did an awesome job. What a cute idea "Thing 1 and Thing 2" so cute! Can't wait to see your Thing 1 and Thing 2! Do you have the names picked out?

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