Sunday, March 27, 2011

33 weeks

I can't believe that I am 33 weeks along! That means Clark and I get to meet our babies in (HOPEFULLY) 4 weeks! This pregnancy has really gone by super fast for me. Clark mentioned today that its recently seemed to go by really slow for him.

We had an interesting week awhile ago when I was sent to the hospital for contractions. They were not painful contractions,just a tightening. I've been doing really good since leaving the hospital so I hope I won't have to go back until I am ready to deliver. I've been told to take it easy and to be on bed rest but its a modified. I still try and lay low but if I need to get out, I can.

I'm to the point where I just want these babies out! I mean I can def. wait though till its time. I'm not totally miserable but wobbling and going to the bathroom constantly has just done me over. I  just need to enjoy these last few weeks of having Clark and Jenna time because it won't be like this ever again.

I got a pedi the other day and the lady doing it told me my feet look great! Haha! That was nice to hear! I haven't experienced any swelling yet but I'm just sure that it will happen sooner than later!

A few weeks ago I went to the perinatologist and the tech showed me that our babies indeed have some hair on their heads! From the pictures it looks like alot which I would be so happy for! I guess we will see when they arrive!


Dennis & Tara Larson said...

Look at that baby bump! Can't wait until they get here!

Mike & Rachel Barton said...

Jenna, you look so GOOD. I still can't believe you have two babies in your little body. You're GREAT!

Toni said...

Brianna loves to look at your belly w/ me. Her eyes get so big and she says wow! You look so amazing, I can't get over it. If you have a single birth next time, it will be a piece of cake!

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