Thursday, March 17, 2011

Maternity Pictures

On Monday, my wonderful friend Rachel, took some maternity pictures for me! She did such a GREAT job! She is seriously so talented! I went into the hospital because of contractions on Tuesday so I am so happy we already had the pictures done!

More to come!


cheryl said...

These are lovely! She did a great job and you make a beautiful model. I'm glad everything is ok with the babies too and that they will wait a little longer before coming

Manda said...

Ohhhh very nice!! I LOVE your outfit! Where did you get your sandals from??


Jenna said...

Thanks Amanda! My shoes are from DSW!

Skylar and Lauren said...

these are so adorable! u haven't gained anywhere but in that cute belly! U look so beautiful and we will all pray that u can keep ur legs crossed for another month~! Good luck with everything u r going to love being a mommy it is the best, most rewarding job in the entire world! :)

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