Monday, April 15, 2013

18 weeks

Today I hit 18 weeks. Time is starting to go by just a little bit more fast but I am okay for it to slow down. I'm not sure if I can handle 3!!! Nothing much has changed in the last few weeks except my belly has been growing a little more and I have finally been able to feel little flutters (started around 16 weeks). I love when that starts to happen because then I feel just a little bit more connected to this little girl.

I have a few names I like but Clark seems to shoot them down. Hey, if he can't come up with any names, then I will end up naming this baby and that's fine with me! I don't even feel that big but the pants are sure getting tighter and I feel like I waddle a bit. Clark asked me the other day when we get to pull out the body pillow! HAHA. He used that bad boy right after I gave birth because he loved it.

In just a few weeks we will head to the perinatologist (who I was all to familiar with last pregnancy) and get my 20 week check up!


Jodi Thorpe said...

You look so cute. I haven't seen you in way too long! So fun when you start feeling the baby, its so much more real. I bet its different this time around with only one in there :) I'm so excited for you!

Michael and Kristin said...

We all know you will win the baby naming decision!

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