Friday, April 26, 2013

24 months

learning to speak with the help of speech therapy
loves the pool and his new floaties
eats  ice cream
still a picky eater
loves to play with balls and cars
enjoys the park and outdoors
loves ring around the rosie
loves to clap and spin
can fold arms for prayers
can say  bubble, dada, momma, three
can sign more and all done
loves dogs
helps put his pants and shoes on
loves to read books on your lap
points to what he wants

25 lbs
says too many words to list!
enjoys reading books and drawing
can sing words to tv shows...
loves to swim with her floaties
loves being outside
loves to dance
can count up to 6
knows about 75% of the alphabet
learned how to jump
loves anything sweet
gives tons of kisses
loves puzzles and books that make sounds
understands going to the bathroom...hopefully this will make potty training easier
signs more and all done
loves to sing and dance
afraid of loud noises

Beckham and Brooklyn are such a joy to be around. They are learning so many new things each day. They have such sweets spirits and are over all really good kids. Two years has really gone by fast for us and its kind of sad to know that they will just continue to grow and not be our little babies anymore. You both are walking and talking and exploring everything you can get your hands on. You both love each other and love being around all your extended family. We love your laughs, hugs, smiles, and even your fake whines (sometimes haha). We hope you will continue to grow up loving to be around one another and playing with each other! You both are the best of friends!

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