Monday, April 1, 2013

Family of Five!

Call us crazy but we are expecting another bundle of joy in September

We did not want our kids to be far apart in age so here we go again! I have been so lazy this pregnancy with taking pictures and blogging so this is the first one I have taken. Here I am at 16 weeks!



This pregnancy has been so different from last time. I started getting really sick around week 5 and I was literally laying on the couch  for 2 weeks. I have never felt so sick!

Here is my first ultrasound confirming my pregnancy. I was 7 weeks! It is so crazy how small it starts out! I was SO nervous because I did NOT want to have twins again! Clark and I sighed in relief when we saw just one.

The nauseousness didn't really let up until week 12. That's when my appetite came back. Thank goodness for that! I was tired of eating small meals every 2 hours.

Here's the baby at 11 weeks. I love that I can see the front of the face here and the arms!

15 week ultrasound
You can see the little legs and feet and some hand action. The baby waved hello to us at this appointment.

I got an appointment for when I was 15 weeks at a 3D place to see if we could find out the gender earlier. I was too excited to wait until my 20 week appointment.


We are BEYOND excited and I can't wait to dress up another little girl in cute outfits and hair bows!!! EEK!!


mican said...

Congrats! That's so exciting! Hope everything continues to go well!

Lisa said...

Woot! So excited for you guys!

Jen said...


Skylar and Lauren said...

Congratulations!~ I'm glad that you're starting to feel better! good luck with everything! =)

Char said...

Congrats!! I'm a new follower on your adorable little blog :) -Char

cheryl said...

Congratulations! That is such exciting news. Hopefully, one baby will seem like a breeze. Your kids are adorable.

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