Friday, April 26, 2013

Twins 2nd Birthday

The time has come and the twins are TWO! WOW, time sure did go by fast. It seems like yesterday they were born! I love this age though and can't wait to see what else they learn! They are so smart and surprising us each day with what they do!

We started the day off with a little party with the family at Monkey Joe's. Its a fun inflatable play place for kids and little toddlers. 

After Monkey Joe's we ate at the kid friendly MCDONALDS! Gotta love free food and happy meals! :) It was nice to have my parents there along with Clark's parent's and sister!

Later that night we had all the family over for some cake and ice cream! Gotta love FREE cake too! haha

The kids were a little more into the cake and singing this year compared to last year.

A nice family picture before the kids opened some presents! They were spoiled by everyone this year!

I think by the end of the day they were so tired from all the fun! Can't wait until next year!

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