Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Singapore Style

Today Clark and I headed to the Military Base here in Singapore and enjoyed a nice 4th of July party! The party was put together so well! I don't think we had seen so much western food here in Singapore since we got here! We chowed down hamburgers, kabobs, pork sandwiches, and even Ben and Jerry's Ice cream! There was a band playing in the background and tons of people dancing on the dance floor. The kids enjoyed the many activities the party had set up .....face painting, water dunking booth, trampoline bungee rope, moon bounces...and much more! Then my most favorite part...FIREWORKS! I swear they were setting them off 200 yards from us...debris even fell on our table but that is besides the point! At that moment I felt like I was back at home in the U.S. I am so grateful that the military puts this party on every year. A U.S air force jet, flying all the way from Japan, was supposed to fly over us but it never happened...wonder why? So, tonight Clark and I were able to celebrate our country's freedom and have a wonderful lifetime memory!

Real Footlong Hotdogs!

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The Dunns said...

What a totally cool thing to do!! I'm glad you guys got to celebrate!!!

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