Sunday, July 27, 2008

Night Festival

Last night Clark and I went to the Night Festival again. The festival went on every Friday and Saturday night for the past two weeks, and the great part was it was free!! We walked around the museum green where "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" was playing and then we headed inside the museum to see what new exhibits there were. ISEA 2008 was the new exhibit and it was all electronic based.

We look hot!
Can you see me?

Would you like a puppet show boys and girls?

Then we went outside the National Singapore Museum and watched as The Electric Canvas group put colorful lights on the building! It was realllllly neat!


The Dunns said...

What a totally cool activity. You guys sure look like you are livin the life there!!!

Brent said...

Clark. We come together at Twelve...O...onne... come back to the States so I can pound your face. I know you're just jealous of my voluptuous backside. Please.

Lizzy said...

You should really get one of those hats to wear everyday. Actually, you should bring one of them back for me, too. Nothing says fashion like wires coming out of your head :)


Filetti Family said...

Wow those are some really hot hats! LOL You guys look like you are having so much fun. What a cool building. I love how it changes color.

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