Saturday, July 19, 2008

Night Festival & Sentosa Beach

Last night Clark and I were invited to the Singapore Night Festival by our friends Chelsea and Dixon. The festival was so entertaining! The shows they put on were a mix of acrobatics, cirque du soleil, and dancing. There were people and props flying all over the place. We saw a really neat water show and fire dance too. Next we went inside the National Singapore Museum and looked around at all the artsy stuff. The museum was open that night until 2am and was free!! woo hoo! Today we went to Sentosa Beach with our friend Stuart and we had loads of fun and took some neat pictures. I enjoyed today because it was a total chill day and it felt so good because I have been working long hours at work...well it seems long to me compared to what I worked back in the states. I also got my hair cut and it only cost me $10 Singapore dollars, which would be like $8 or so American dollars! Sweet! You'll see my haircut later on in other posts! I think it is CUTE! Well, it is late here and church is tomorrow! I hope you enjoy the pictures! There are more to come though! Goodnight!

If you would like to see more pictures please check out this link:


megik said...

Looks like SOOO much fun sis. grey!! i want to come! how about this... you pay to fly me out there and i will spend a week there. :D jk my mom would NEVER let me.


The Dunns said...

It looks like there is tons of fun stuff to do there!!! Keep having fun and posting your adventures!!!

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