Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm a working woman!!

The day finally came when I could no longer sit by the pool and do nothing. I was offered a job as a Marketing Associate at a hedge fund here in Singapore. The company is called 3 Degrees Asset Management and they specialize in Debt Distressed companies. I originally went into the interview for the personal assistant to the CEO position but Moe, the CEO, said I would be better suited as a Marketing Associate! My first day was last Fridayand I already really like this company! I am still learning all the finance terms and Clark has been really helpful teaching me stuff. I guess I'll have to watch finance shows to get down all this lingo. I think I'm working at Clark's dream company!! The job pays really well and has some good perks too...we own a hotel in Bintan and from time to time Moe lets employees stay there for free :) Yesterday I was sent off to a photoshoot because my picture and bio are going to be posted on our website :) It was so fun to get my make up and hair done. I even purchased my first business suit for this occasion! I am sorry if my posting slows down...I'm a working woman now!!!! Here is the website if you are interested .


The Dunns said...

Congrats on the new job!! It sounds very exciting!! I hope all works out well with the job!!

Mrs. Lyndsee said...

So when are you & Clark moving from Singapore to New Mexico?! I think that should be your next move. Cuz Clark could sell turquoise rings to all the tourists in SF. Yep, Yep! Done and Done. :) Congrats on the jobby job.

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