Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our New Home

Well we did it! We moved yet again...not across the country, but to a 450 sq. ft. condo in Singapore. We are renting this condo from a sweet lady named Ms. Wong. Clark promised me that we could go to Ikea if I lived in the condo and so last night we made a trip to Ikea and bought the necessary things for our place. Man, I hate buying new towels, rugs, cleaning materials, iron, ironing board, bedding, and so forth because when we leave we will just have to give this stuff away...what a waste of $150. I unpacked my clothes today and Clark still needs to unpack his...we have been living out of our suitcase since we have been here because we were so lazy to hang our clothes up in the hotel we were at. We still need to get some small table/stands for the bathroom and a nice looking chair for our bedroom. Anyway, Clark and I found that there is a park right outside our condo which is nice because there is a running trail and a work out area. The place has no pool or workout room so I will slowly lose my tan :( and will hopefully not gain weight! Here are some pics from our walk in the park and a picture of our condo is not much people...just a warning.


Chixon said...

haha! I love that you took pics of the ants. I always am amazed at their size here and have taken SEVERAL photos of ANTS! :) We really need to take a weekend and just shoot Singapore--you can teach me all your photography secrets.

The Dunns said...

Still looks totally cool to me!! Have fun decorating and putting together your new place.

Mrs. Lyndsee said...

I know....Isn't moving the biggest pain ever! All the packing/unpacking. I used to move like every 6 months when I went to BYU, no joke. During my ten years there in Utah I moved 19 different times. Ridiculous.

Buying new furniture is the best! We got a new sectional for our living room this month, & a whole new bedroom suite this past weekend. Our new king size takes up our ENTIRE bedroom. No joke. The new king mattress is so big compared to what we are used to, that I can lay diagonol and Chris and I still don't touch. Heavenly. :)

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