Thursday, October 23, 2008

And the winner is...

YAY for me! Today I voted for the first time! I filled in my absentee ballot and mailed it off to the good ole US of A! I wonder who will be elected President? I won't get into politics here but I guess you could say I am hoping for...starts with a M ends with a cCain! Was I supposed to tell you that? Hmm, oh well! I am grateful that I have the opportunity to voice my opinion and to live in a free country :)

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Danielle Harris said...

Yea for voting for the first time! It is an important one! It looks like you guys are having tons of fun still, and we are all still jealous of your excursions. You even have the YW telling us that when they get married they want their husbands to work abroad so they can have adventures. Gotta love it!
Oh, and Clark, you obviously have been gone too long. If we had had a gummy worm fountain, or bubble gum fountain, Chris would have been more than happy to eat the rest. As it is, he probably would have been too worried I would make him clean it if he ate it! :)

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