Friday, October 3, 2008

Singapore, we have arrived

So I finally had time to upload some pictures from our trip back to the states last week. Clark and I had a great time visiting both of our families! We basically relaxed, hung out with family and friends, went shopping a lot (well I did), and ate all the American food we could eat! Clark and I even packed our extra suitcase with tons of American snacks to bring back since they are way expensive in Singapore! mmm! We also had the chance to have a stop over in Seoul, Korea on our way back to Singapore! How fun! We ate at this nice Italian restaurant the night we flew in, walked around the city at night, took a 2 hour tour of Korea the next morning, and visited the downtown market where Clark got some good ole socks! The downtown tour was neat because we saw the Korea War Museum, the President's home and guest house, the needle watch tower, the fashion district, and the palaces. Here are some pictures of our short but sweet trip back to the states and Korea! Enjoy!

Canoeing with my mom and dad

Eating with my best friend Maggie

Having the whole Gray family together at Kirk's Homecoming pictures

Korea Temple

Comfort Food


Bus Tour
Train Station

Need a pillow?
Korea War Museum

Needle Watch Tower


Karina said...

What a fun life! That's good you got to visit your family. When are you moving back to the states?

Take a Right Check it Out said...

hey guys, looks like youre having a blast all over the world!

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