Friday, October 17, 2008


Yay! Congrats to us! We are officially scuba certified! Now we just need to pick up our cards...hmmm. I hear the water life here in Singapore is amazing so Clark and I will have to take advantage and go scuba with our instructor.
I recommend taking scuba lessons if you haven't! The lessons are easy and fun and really only take a week! Even though you see water, fish, and coral everywhere you go, its the experience and the travels that make it so much fun!
I can't wait to scuba in Florida when we go back...has anyone scuba dived in Florida? How's the water?


Eric and Jennifer said...

You must not have learned much doesn't thumbs up mean surfacing???

The Grays said...

ha! you are indeed right! notice clark is the one doing that and not me!

Rich and Shelly said...

I am seriously SOOOO jealous of all your adventures together! It looks like you guys are having the itme of your life!

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