Sunday, October 12, 2008

Phil comes to Singapore!

There are two things that my Dad loves: 1)McDonald's 2) Massages. So you can now figure what we did as he came to town this week for business.

As my Father satisfies his curiousity by going into old school chinese herbal shops where the barrier of language is so thick that you can cut it so he can see what the latest herbal obession is he asks where the best place to get Reflexology done. After a few hand signals for direction we were on our way. I know what Phil and myself wanted but Jenna was a bit hesitant as...well...she is a pansy once it comes to foot touching. Anything "tickles" or "hurts" when you try and rub her feet which is swell for me. Anyway, I tried to pursuade her to get that spa treatment done to where those Carp fishes eat away your dead skin. It is getting banned in a few places in the states so that made it cooler to me. She did not want to and the other option of the foot detox just seemed like a hoax. It was only like $7 for 30 minutes for the fishies or detox but for some reason, Jenna wanted to join the 'big boys'. After walking around the shops and deciding which massage place was the least shadiest, we were in bliss....Jenna was in hell. I actually think the more Jenna complained the harder her reflexologist was on her. To Phil and I, the pain felt great. The diagram below shows as they stimulate pain in your foot in different areas, this is suppose to create relief in the respective areas.

This was at the end of the session when they get a quick back massage.

This is in China town in the city.

Now you forgot what the other favorite thing was...McDonald's. For those of you who don't know, my Dad has worked for Ronald for over 33 years. He gets really gitty show us the latest and greatest things that McDonald's is doing. We saw the worlds largest McCafe as well as the first drive-thru in the city of Singapore! It was fun weekend. We stayed on my Dad's hotel so it was a nice mini-vacation even though we were only 1 mile away from the house. BTW...the weather here is still hot, around 90 degrees. Jenna got burnt laying out!

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